a32-affiche-2015-06-09-webConcert FOLK SONG

David Simar

Sud de France Tour

Mardi 9 juin 2015 – 20h30

@atelier 32

32 rue de l’amandier- Montpellier

(entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles)

Dédicace de son dernier album à l’issue du concert!

« Un mélange de folk, de blues et de jazz tout ce qu’il y a de plus classique sur papier, mais d’un raffinement et d’une force notables, par ailleurs pourvu de sensibilités avant-gardistes. » – Nightlife Magazine

« Le jeune homme originaire de Colombie-Britannique qui a élu domicile à Montréal devrait séduire le plus irréductible des Gaulois. » – BangBang



David Simard

Described as an avant-garde folk-singer, David Simard has a tongue inside the ears of music lovers across Canada and abroad.  Relentless touring, performances with Timber Timbre and Half Moon Run, and a wonderful festival response followed the release of his debut full-length, « Slower, Lower » in October of 2011. Recorded by Daniel Gelinas at Studio Chocolat Chaud on the loudest street in Saint-Henri, a gritty, working class neighbourhood in South-West Montreal, it’s a charmingly understated and intimate release. « a first-class self-produced album well above the average of what the labels are taking on. » (Voir Magazine). The opening track, « Memory Box » was recently picked up by French actor/director, Yvan Attal, for use in his newest film « Do Not Disturb », featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg.  With Simard’s “contemporary ballads situated somewhere between country, folk and jazz » (Montreal Mirror), “Slower, Lower collects praise wherever he goes.” (BangBang).
Always a hard-working musician, Simard has logged more than seven cross-country tours in as many years. Not counting the new full-length, David Simard has released eight different EP’s, singles, and collaborative works in the last decade. The most recent of these was a series of three singles: Doorways, Alleys, and Wooded Places. Alike to his performances, all three feel haunted, with soaring moments and dark passages throughout. Remarkably hand-made, and released independently, Simard has been touring throughout Canada with some wonderful material in tow.

In addition to his own project, Simard has collaborated with numerous other performers and has participated in a number of what are best described as multi-media spectacles. Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Choir (of Montreal Fringe Festival infamy), Brie Neilson and Her Other Men, and Erin Lang and the Foundlings are a few of the acts you may have seen him with. A prominent feature in Aleks Schurmer’s wildly successful « Party Like It’s 1699 – a post-modern baroque spectacle » and in Frances Adair McKenzie’s « Tucked Up in the Mountains” showed an adaptable young artist. Performing alongside contortionist, Andréane Leclerc, and aerial acrobat, Shannon Gray, hints at the cabaret flair so regularly pointed out in his style.

David currently splits his time between Montreal and an abandoned mining town in Northern BC, where he is engaged in a writing project, collecting and translating regional history and folklore into modern folk songs.